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OGarden i Futuresharks

Sustainable Access to Food Is Now Possible Through Ogarden’s Indoor Garden

Accessing healthy food in modern society is a challenge. The number of fast-food restaurants in the neighborhood overshadows the number of joints selling healthy, organic food. This issue is made worse with our modern lifestyle. You want to eat healthily. However, when the 9 to 5 rat race is over, all you want to do is grab a box of pizza and hibernate on the sofa binge-watching on Netflix. This common trend has contributed to the prevalence of lifestyle issues such as obesity.

Presently, over 70 million people in the country are struggling with obesity. Conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health are all prevalent conditions that are connected to an unhealthy lifestyle. We want to be healthy. We want to eat healthy food. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a built environment that supports the opposite. However, what if we told you that there is a way?


This product is an indoor gardening system that lets you grow your favorite fresh produce in the comfort of your home. The Ogarden product is a sizeable O-shaped ring that is mounted on a cabinet like a platform. Inside the rig are twenty rows of plant tubes. You can plant three plants in each tube. That means that in a season, you can grow up to 90 plants in the rig. The rig also rotates. This rotation gives the system an aesthetic appeal that is likely to captivate your guests when they step into your home. Whereas most indoor gardening systems come with a unique substrate, the Ogarden allows you to use any soil or compost that you want. The system also has a timer. This timer lets you set the time for how long the lights should run. However, it is recommended that the lights run for 12 hours for the optimal growth of the plants. This indoor garden waters the plants on its own. Your task will be to refill the tank located in the cabinet-like base. You can grow any herb or vegetable in Ogarden be it cherry tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, or basil.

Benefits of the Ogarden System 

Ogarden is an indoor gardening system that is unique and fun. This system is convenient in terms of space as it allows you to grow up to 80 vegetables in a small space. “We firmly believe that the future of gardening is indoor gardening. There will be a shift from massive to people producing their little stuff at home. This technology offers that real android experience for those living in the city. You get to take care of your plants which is a fun experience.” Ogarden makes it possible for its users to sustainably access fresh fruits and veggies. The system is easy to use and can be used all year round. Pierre states that “The Ogarden is designed to close the gap from farm to table. This indoor system eliminates inefficiencies, excessive expenditures, and costs associated with purchasing food. Furthermore, it helps you protect yourself from the negative environmental and health implications associated with traditional food production methods.”

The high contamination of vegetables with pesticides has left millions of people susceptible to health risks. This prevalence has contributed to a national fear of products sold from supermarkets and other retail stores. Instead of people opting for organic food which is slightly expensive, a majority of people opt for less consumption of fruits and vegetables. That should not be the case. For an average of $1,397, the Ogarden system helps you get vegetables into your diet while cutting the cost of purchasing the vegetables from a store.

Source – https://futuresharks.com/ogarden/

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